OC Battle is played with the arrow keys and 2 other keys (labelled 1 and 2 as they are yet to be decided.


The game is a 1v1 fighting game, with each player having an individual health bar. A player loses when their health drops to 0. Each player also has a charge bar, which fills up from successful attacks. This bar can charge up to a maximum of 3, and is used to perform charge attacks and super attacks.

Types of attacksEdit

Here is a list of attacks. Keep in mind that each time there is a 1 or a 2, then it can be replaced with the other button.

1 - A simple attack.

1+Direction - A different attack is executed depengin on the direction.

1 (In air) - A simple aerial attack.

1+Direction (In air) - A different aeria attack depending on the direction.

1, 1, 1 - A triple attack combo. Some combos can be continued past the 3 mark.

1, 1, 2 - A triple combo with a different ending.

1+2 - A charge attack. The longer the buttons are pressed, the stronger the attack, but the more of the charge bar it takes away.

1, 2 - A quicker combo.

1+2+Direction - A different charge attack depending on the direction.

1+2+A full bar of chage - A super attack is executed depending on how many bars are full.