Zodiac heroes collide blake canvas by clockworkmelody-d6asn04

Blake Canvas is a playable character in OC Battle, created by CancerTurtle.


Name: Blake Canvas (Blake)

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Powers: Art and stationary based powers.




1 – Scissor jab.

1+F – Protractor boomerang.

1+B –

1+U – Uses the white pencil to spiral into the air.

1+D –


A1 –

A1+F –

A1+B –

A1+U – Gets out a bit of paper, pops it above him, dealing damage, and floats downwards for a little bit.

A1+D – Paperweight


1-1-1 – Continued scissor jabs. Will keep jabbing while button is being pressed.

1-1-2 – Two stabs, then flips the scissors around in his hand and does a backhanded stab.

1-2 – Stabs, then tosses an eraser forward.

1-1-1+2 –



2 – Pen slash.

2+F – Ruler home-run.

2+F –

2+B –

2+U – Clicks his pen on the ground to bounce into the air.

2+D –


A2 – Diagonal-down slash to the right.

A2+F –

A2+B – Draws a green line which launches a vine diagonally-downwards. If the vine hits and opponent, he pulls himself towards the opponent and hits the opponent with a dropkick.

A2+U – Uses the white pencil to spiral into the air diagonally upwards.

A2+D – Throws an exploding glue stick at the ground, causing a sticky patch on the ground.


2-2-2 – Diagonal-down slash to the right, diagonal-down slash to the left, more powerful horizontal slash to the right.

2-2-1 – Diagonal-down slash to the right, diagonal-down slash to the left, scissor snip which causes a slash projectile.

2-1 – Draws a green line with his green pen, causing him to launch a vine forward. If it hits the opponent, it pulls them towards Blake and he punches them in the face with his left hand.

2-2-1+2 –

Power AttacksEdit

1+2 – Red pen, fireball.

1+2+F –

1+2+B –

1+2+U –

1+2+D – Yellow pencil, shock barrier.

1+2+1Bar – Pen fist.

1+2+2Bar – Highlighter combo.

1+2+3Bar – Inspiration combo.